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CANADA DAY!YAAAAY! - CAPTAIN DONUTS JOURNAL [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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CANADA DAY!YAAAAY! [Jul. 1st, 2004|08:42 pm]
[mood |missing my heather]
[music |reliant k- i am understood?]


today sucked ass...first day of work by the way, this is pretty much all i do...i follow the owner of La Roma hotel (yes its french...) around all day and do all the hard or boring or grueling work, this is wat i did...i cut grass...not just any grass but wheres theres rocks, shit, mud,sticks,flowers,trees, more rocks, holes to sprain you ankle and really really steep hills...yeah my job sucks...and after that its fun with the raking...oh yeah, taking a nice sleek rake AND PICKING UP SHIT!...and then after that i had to cut more grass:( i went to this place in st-hilaire to mow the lawn of his storage garage and then we went to my bosses camp to mow that lawn and it was annoying as hell cuz theres flies...errg..and then there was the bag for the mower, no matter how securely fastened it was, IT WOULD ALWAYS FUCKING FALL OFF:@ after all that shit i had to move these little patches of grass that was sticking out...but they were ants nests...and while i was throwing them, the little bitches called ants where crawling all over my hand and some bit me and shit and it feels funny when ants are crawling all over your arm than i said screw that and kicked the rest as far as i could with my steel toe boots and it was alot funner than throwing ants:D cuz they didnt try to bite the hell outta me that way.after that i was done and we went into the camp to just pretty much relax...while the old slave driver boss was talking to his buddies i was bored as fuck...they were like "come on the kid earned a beer, give him a beer,...he deserves it." which was a very good point i earned some beers.But then he was like "no, his mom will kill me", mr couterier said, which was a very valid point...my mom would kill him....and with her bare hands too...and then she would dismember the body for her evil satanic mom cult...well maybe i just added the evil satanic mom cult for fun but she would kill him cuz she my mom and all moms have an anger problem deep down in there.

then i got home tried to talk to heather but she wasnt there :( so i took a shower and when she did it was too late cuz i wanted to hang out in town, but she had to work in the morning and that sucks ass:( and i wanted to see spider man 2 fuck. and today was her only day off and it'll be her only day off for a while and that sucks again:(

i havent seen her in a while and i want to be with her arrgh... but no, its always work..when i can see her, she has to work:( and then when shes finally off i have to go to work,fuck. and i want a damn sub from subway cuz i skipped supper fuck. well im out...oh yeah other shit has happened but i cant really say so that made the day even gayer